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What Is Columbus Day

Since 1906 the second Monday of October month every year is celebrated as Columbus Day by the Americans. But What Is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is celebrated each year on the Second Monday in the month of October it is done to emphasize the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492. It is a legal holiday to the whole of United States. Government offices, federal agencies, post offices, bond markets, schools and banks are closed, even some businesses are closed while few stay open and many special sales are held to celebrate Columbus Day joyfully.

What Is Columbus Day - Short History

What Is Columbus Day

Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado in 1906, and became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937, though people have celebrated Columbus's voyage since the colonial period. In 1792, New York City and other U.S. cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World. President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate Columbus Day on the 400th anniversary of the event. During the four hundredth anniversary in 1892, teachers, preachers, poets and politicians used Columbus Day rituals to teach ideals of patriotism. These patriotic rituals were framed around themes such as citizenship boundaries, the importance of loyalty to the nation, and celebrating social progress.

Columbus Day became a ritual to spread patriotism by preachers, politicians, teachers and poets all over America. They outline themes like being faithful to the nation, rules that each one of them have to follow and support for war. Their overall objective is to make the nation successful.

Countries in North and South America remember Columbus's discovery in various ways. Bahamas celebrate October 12th as "Discovery Day" and in Venezuela, it is celebrated as "Day of the Indigenous Resistance" and in many parts of Latin America, they celebrate it as the "Day of Race".

Columbus Day is now considered as a part of the United States heritage. The celebration first started on 12th of October, 1866 in New York City. The very first Columbus Day was celebrated in NYC in 1792 while honoring the 300th anniversary of Columbus momentous influx. The petition by the community "The Knights of Columbus" urged President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to mark the 12th of October as a federal holiday.

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